Why e-bike?

It had been years since we had been on a traditional bicycle, but we wanted to exercise and get healthier and see some of the beautiful trails in our area.  E-bikes allow us to pedal as much as we want, and when we need that help, there it is!

Our Focus

Our hope is to introduce you to the electric bike.  In our partnership with Really Good E-Bikes, we represent well over 100 e-bikes, many different styles and qualities.  Of course, we cannot have all of them at our location, but we do have a very good representation of the many different types and can help you on your decision of what would be best for you. 


We have several e-bikes available to rent from a few hours up to a few weeks!

Sales and Service

We are so excited to have partnered with Really Good E-Bikes to be able to offer even a greater variety of e-bikes to meet your needs. Greg can also service your e-bike.


Elkin area has some great trails around, and they keep progressing and improving.

Other Area Fun

No matter if you are an avid bicyclist, or just haven't been on a bike in years and want to get back in the saddle, come and see the fun that awaits! There are many other things to do in the area as well. Click to see your options!

Request a Free Demo

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